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        1. Welcome to the official website of Tiantai Jiangnan Filter Co., Ltd., the company's main business: polypropylene filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, filter press filter cloth, dust filter cloth, etc., customized telephone: 18958678967.


          Focus on production for 30 years

          JIANGNAN / about us Strive to become a globally competitive filtration technology expert
          Tiantai Jiangnan filter Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of various filter products such as polypropylene filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, and centrifuge filter cloth. After years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a ground area of 15000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 20000 square meters, with its own R &amp; D team and three patents Order. It has more than 30 imported Picanol weaving and filtering equipment, 2 setting machines, 3 warping machines and 2 laser cutting machines, with an annual weaving capacity of 7.4 million square meters. The main products of the c...
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          ISO 9001

          • 1996 Years

            Jiangnan filter company was established

          • 20000

            Total floor area of the company's new plant

          • 50 Platform

            Imported Picanol woven filter equipment

          • 1000

            The annual production of woven fabrics is up to 10 million square meters

          Years of filter cloth sales experience

          Professional industrial filter cloth manufacturer, more than 30 years of filter cloth production and sales experience, long-term cooperation customers all over the country

          JIANGNAN - Production strength

          Professional manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and after sales

          • Comprehensive strength of the factory
          • Quality assurance - strict quality control
          • After sales worry free - quick response

          JIANGNAN - Case

          Committed to improving production efficiency and reducing production costs for customers

          Guide customers to install filter cloth
          Metallurgical Industry
          Filter cake unloading
          Application cases 8
          Application cases 7

          Senior engineers can communicate one-on-one according to your needs Tailored

          According to different filtering equipment and working conditions, the professional recommends a suitable filter cloth selection scheme,Support customized processing of drawings and samples

          JIANGNAN - Latest information

          The company has independent import and export rights, and its products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other international markets.