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        1. Welcome to the official website of Tiantai Jiangnan Filter Co., Ltd., the company's main business: polypropylene filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, filter press filter cloth, dust filter cloth, etc., customized telephone: 18958678967.


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          Tiantai Jiangnan Filter Mesh co., ltd.
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          Dust bag

          Model: Material: Specifications:


          The fabric and design of the filter bag shall strive for high efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect.
          1. The capillary fiber oil absorption filter bag is composed of three parts: pre filter layer, main filter layer and screen cover. It is specially designed for effectively adsorbing grease in liquid. The porosity of the filter material is as high as 80%, which greatly improves the service life of the product. The oil absorption is up to 12-20 times of the weight of the filter bag itself (depending on the fluid and grease characteristics and flow rate)
          2. The absolute precision seamless filter bag is made of pure polypropylene capillary fiber by hot melt and spray molding. The outer layer is thickened deep filter material to provide layered filtration; the inner sleeve is large-diameter filter element to further enhance the overall deep filter effect and improve the ability of containing impurities. The average service life of the filter bag is more than five times that of the ordinary polypropylene filter bag. The highest filtration precision is 3um. The collar ring is plastic.
          be applied to
          Smoke control and dust removal system of iron making plant, steel-making plant, ferroalloy plant, refractory plant, foundry plant, power plant, etc. Waste incinerator, coal-fired boiler, fluidized bed boiler and other flue gas filtration. Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Filtration of smelting gas of aluminum electrolysis, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals, recovery of fine materials, separation of liquid and solid. Liquid solid separation and micro material recovery in chemical industry, coke, carbon black, dye, pharmaceutical, plastic and other fields. Dust control and purification collection in mining, grain processing, flour, electronic industry, wood processing, etc.

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